Meet The Team


Ralph Reda - President/CEO

Local board rider connected to the community/industry. Ralph has 13 years of proficiency in extreme sports and plans on educating beginners and others with experience. While also being dedicated to bringing local brands and the Riding  community together.


Micheal Kent - V. President/CFO

A long time snowboarder from Connecticut, currently a Public Accountant with over 15 years of experience. Micheal is proficient in tax law, financial modeling and financial compilations.

Meet our Team Riders!

Chucky Holderman


My name is Charlie "Chucky" Holderman, I am hearing impaired but don't think that stops me! I'm a ski patroller when I'm not on the snowboards tour, I'm a snowboarder & creator of Holderman ShredxEnjoy since 2016. I started snowboarding for over 25 years in Lake Tahoe, CA in 2016 and my snowboard school plus my company ShredxEnjoy . I restarted my company line because it's my passion and giving back what was given to me! My reason for creating that was so that I could share that experience and make snowboarding accessible to new riders. On the mountain I teach beginners, freeriding, 

tricks in the park, any mountain, and backcountry. In the terrain park I've experienced teaching everything from beginner tricks to advanced tricks on larger jumps. I also have experience in the Alpine from taking students through secret powder stashes and off cliff drops. I'm also very experienced teaching beginner riders on their first day of snowboarding and progressing them to an advance level. I want to make sure our team makes others feel welcome and be apart  of the snowboard family and community but most important thing above all other is that they  are real, cool and kind!

Lance DelliPaoli